Our Vision Statement

Learning, Loving and Living together, side by side with God.


  • Embrace my opportunities to grow, aspire, thrive and excel.
  • Become Christ through the Good News.


  • Show love, tolerance and acceptance of all around me.
  • Love others as Christ loves us.


  • Leading, serving and walking with my community.
  • Living in communion with Christ.

Our Character Behaviours


Self-awareness is recognising, tuning into and understanding our thoughts, feelings and actions and how they affect both ourselves and others.


​Teamwork is working together for the common good to achieve more.


Aspiration is when you push yourself to achieve – this may be completing all your work to the highest standard in class or working towards more ambitious goals. 


Loving is showing you like someone through your words and actions. It is trying to be caring, considerate and kind towards all – all of the time. 


​Bravery is showing strength to face fear, difficulty or danger, and showing bounce-back-ability.


​Appreciation is noticing and being thankful for what we have in our lives (including friends, family, an education, a home, food etc).


Non-judgemental is understanding that we are unique. It is about being empathetic and curious about the way people act, what they say, how they look and what they do – not assuming we have all the answers. 


Service is helping and being of use to someone. It is being part of something bigger than ourselves and enabling others to do things they might not be able to do on their own.