In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, phonics is taught daily at a dedicated time. Phonics is naturally reinforced throughout the day in other areas of the curriculum. Children are taught to blend sounds together, in order to read, and break up a word into its sounds in order to aid spelling. We use a programme called ‘Phonics Bug’ as well as flashcards, games, songs and rhymes depending on the age of the children.

In foundation stage 1 and 2, children learn the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds.

Throughout Year 1, children will consolidate the phase 3 sounds and then learn the phase 5 sounds.

For more information on the sounds in each phase, and to help your child with phonics at home, please visit for videos and games to support you and your child.

The Year 1 statutory phonics check

At the end of year 1, children undertake the phonics screening check. This is a statutory requirement of all children in England. It is done on a 1:1 basis with your child’s teacher or a familiar adult in school. The check is made up of 40 real and nonsense words which children read using their knowledge of phase 2-5 sounds. The check is designed to give both teachers and parents information about how your child is progressing in phonics. The pass mark is set every year nationally and is usually around 32 correct answers out of 40.

If children do not pass, do not worry, the children will receive more support during year 2 and will re-take the check the following year.

The screening check looks like this:

Teachers will provide all year 1 children with a phonics pack during year 1 which will enable them to consolidate and embed all the sounds we have learned at school.